What MmoWeb can offer to you:

  • This is a completely thought out personal account for the user, which has a 7-year history of development.

  • We took into account all possible desires of users, simplified the interface as much as possible. However, this does not mean that the personal account interface is simple and there are no features that distinguish it from other available CMS.

  • This means that the interface has become more intuitive, with an increased number of functions and capabilities.

CMS MmoWeb consists of two parts:

  • Site management;

  • Personal account management.

Section [Site Management]

The CMS of the Site includes modules necessary for any project, such as:

  • Multilingual;

  • Server status (information about the state of the server on the site);

  • Recent topics from the forum;

  • News on the site;

  • Player statistics;

  • Live broadcasts;

  • IBlock - for displaying any information in the form of sliders, etc.

Static pages for the site and for the office. All modules are controlled through the built-in admin panel in the CMS MmoWeb, have easy extensibility if necessary (by contacting technical support).

The site template system deserves special attention: Now ANYONE CAN ADAPT THEIR DESIGN BY ITSELF by reading the documentation and looking at the examples in the default template supplied in the kit.

Section [Manage Personal Account]

For the convenience of users, the administrative panel of MmoWeb has been redesigned! Now it has a nice design and a well-thought-out structure + search (you won't get lost among the settings).

You can put MmoWeb in 4 quickly and easily:

  • each step of the installation is described in the user manual with examples and pictures;

  • the installation begins with registration and proceeds to creating a connection to the login server, then to the game server and the project, with the further connection of the newly created servers to the project.

For those who have never used the MmoWeb system, migrating your own CMS to MmoWeb will be painless, all game accounts will successfully connect to the newly created master user accounts after confirming the mail.

For those who already use MmoWeb v.3 or other CMS, where there are balances and other monetary systems, we can organize migration (through contacting technical support), without losing data. More details can be found by contacts:

How much does it cost?

MmoWeb 4 has a very flexible pricing policy.

The minimum monthly payment is $ 25.

We consider this amount to be extremely low for a stable CMS + round-the-clock tech. support.

Also in MmoWeb there are plugins, buying which you will expand the functionality of both the admin panel and the personal account for users.

Plugin List:

  • Bonus codes plugin;

  • Shop + Services plugin;

  • Technical support for users plugin;

  • Multi-account plugin;

  • Registration analytics plugin.

  • (The list of plugins will continue to grow!)

Personal account for players:

  • Master account registration [optional]

  • Registration by email

  • Registration by phone

(With or without creating a game account, with or without a prefix - it's up to you).

  • Authorization [optional]

    • By email

    • By phone

    • Through social media

    • Password recovery [optional]

      • By email

      • By phone

  • Unauthorized user pages. [optional]

    • Shop - with the ability to buy for a game character or for a personal warehouse in the master account;

    • Donations - with the ability to buy per character;

    • Player stats.

  • Authorized User Pages

    • MAIN

    • Displaying all game accounts with characters on them

    • Displaying information on the master account with quick links to settings

    • Balance display

    • Warehouse display

    • Displaying the Discount System

    • Add. widget from the store with promotions for the product

  • Rating (statistics)

    • Top PVP

    • Top PC

    • Top EXP

    • Top Clan

    • Top Clan PVP

    • Top Alliance

    • Castle

    • Clan halls

    • total stats

    • Online history

  • Store [plugin]

    • Product display

    • Service Display

  • Technical support

    • List of appeals

    • Interface for creating a new case

  • Balance

    • Donation form with the calculation of all bonuses to the payment.

    • Available systems:

      • freekassa

      • g2a

      • unitpay

      • payu

      • paypal

      • payop

      • paymentwall

      • pagseguro

      • nextpay

      • paygol

      • alikassa

      • enot

      (The list will expand)

  • Settings:

    • Master account management

    • Multi-account management [plugin]

    • Hidden game accounts

    • User logs

  1. Admin panel - for managing your projects and game servers.

  2. REST API - interacts with your game database (CacheD server)

  3. The web part (client part) is the CMS that you install on your website:

    1. (Public side of your webside) - there is a default template

    2. Personal account - for the player to manage the master account

    3. Admin panel - site management

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