3. Mail server management

Creating an SMTP mail server

A mail server is necessary for every project.

An SMTP server is needed to send mail to users, for example, when registering or recovering a password from a master account, this is what the project cannot work without. There are different options for paid and free smtp-servers:




100 mails mer day



500 mail per day



25000 per month

Free with restrictions



Paid tariff

Your own hosting


Free with restrictions


One time 50$ (then for VPS monthly 2$~)

There are other services. We gave an example of those that are on hearing.

Our recommendations for long-term projects to order your SMTP, because it has a number of advantages, such as the absence of restrictions on sending the price per month by paying for VDS and the minimum chances that your letters will end up in spam.

You can create a mail server (SMTP) in the Settings -> Configuring SMTP mail servers for sending letters.

After SMTP has been created, it will appear in the Configure SMTP mail servers for sending emails lists.

When creating a project, this SMTP will be displayed in your mail server selection *

You will need to select it.

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