Bonus code

The bonus code plugin allows you to create bonus codes.

Upon bonus code activation, the player can receive money to an account or an item in the game (depending on the type of code).

Plugin price: $ 15 per month.

Fields description:



Code activation type

One-time (activation only once). After actiovation it will expire for any account.

Multiple (but for one master Account can be activated only once) Applies to many Master accounts.

Choose a code option

Specify code-format. You can choose it from the list or create by yourself (by selecting "Specify your" / "Указать свой")

Bonus type

  • You can transfer money (game currency) to the Master Account;

  • Or you can transfer game items to the game (Issuance of items).

Number of codes

Number of codes generated according to the mask (specified on "Choose a code option" field). Works only if "Choose a code option" is not set to "Specify your own"!

If there are more than 2 codes, the system will offer to combine them into a group. This option allows you to group codes from this group. Let's say there is a group of 10 codes, if the user has activated at least 1, then he will no longer be able to activate the remaining 9 on this Master Account.

Thus, you can control the activation of codes and prevent the Master Account from activating all of them.

Other forms and windows:

Form for adding items to the Bonus Code:

A table with information about the generated codes:

Using this table (you can use "search" field above to search in all columns, and also by clicking on the name of the code) you can get more detailed information about its use.

In the detailed view, you can get all the necessary information about the activation:

It is convenient to work with groups of codes that are immediately displayed, as well as with multiple activations, which display how many times a particular code has been activated and on which accounts.

The Bonus Code cannot be changed, only deleted!

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