2. CMS setup

Cms settings configuration

First of all, after uploading files to the root of the site, you need to set up a connection to your hosting's MySQL database.

The database must already be created!

We will need following data for configuration:

  • Database name;

  • Database Login;

  • Database password.

After you specify all data above to connect to the MySQL database, you need to find the Config.php file in the root of the site

Open it in a text editor such as NotePad ++.

Installing an API Key

The key is located in the mmoweb.ru panel, in the information block, in the Group secret key field:

Copy the secret key (see example on the picture below: "q08YmsGbX0lC) 54U7ZJ1")

Paste it into your Config.php file like in example below:

* Это главный ключ группы он хранится в админ панеле
* This is the main key of the group it is stored in the admin panel.
define('API_KEY',       "q08YmsGbX0lC)54U7ZJ1")

Setting up a database connection




Specify the address of the database. This is usually localhost


The name of the database where the personal account tables will be stored


Database connection login


Database connection password

After you fill in the connection data, you need to set a new Login and Password to enter the admin panel of the cabinet.

By default, these settings are:

Login: admin

Password: admin

Setting up access to the admin panel




Is the panel active: true/false


Login login to the admin panel


Password to enter the admin panel


Whether to use text editor: true/false

The admin panel will be available at url: https: //www.yousite/admin if the following setting is active:

define('ADMIN_PANEL',       true);

The basic settings are now complete.

Now let's move on to running the installer.

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