How much does an MMO cost?

25$ per month.

What does an MMO product consist of?

The MMO product includes:

  • user's personal account;

  • admin panel for project management and monitoring.

What are the conditions for the sale?

MMO is a cloud product.

There is no permanent sale, MMO is rented on a monthly basis.

Will I get my hands on MMO files?

Yes, we give out the client part of the MMO and you install it on your hosting. It interacts with our REST API, which handles all the logic.

Does REST API connect directly to game servers?

Yes, our REST API connects directly to your game servers. It needs access to databases. If it is a PTS server, then to the cache. In general, the following ports are required for correct operation:

General (for all): 2106, 7777;​

JAVA: 3306;​

PTS: 1433, 2012;​

Are you adapting the client side of the MMO to my design?

Yes, we are engaged in design adaptation. Price - from 2000r (depending on complexity)

What kind of hosting would you recommend?

We have a partner who has never let us down. It can do everything from setting up SMTP to securing your game server. "Route179" is his telegram account.

What are the MMO-requirements for a web server?

MySql and PHP 5.6+ We recommend to install PHP 7.x, which guarantees good performance.

Does your product only work with PTS servers?

No, our product works on all existing platforms, including JAVA.

Are you helping to set up your product package?

To do this, use the step-by-step documentation that describes in detail each step of the installation. In case of technical problems, we will always answer your questions here.

If I want to develop the necessary functionality, is it possible?

Yes, any kind of web-developement is possible for a fee.

The cost will depend on the complexity, as well as whether the module will go publicly for everyone, or just for you.

If you still have questions, you can ask them on the forum or by contact.

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