This plugin will allow you to sell game values, both to an authorized user and to an unauthorized user, by redirecting him immediately to payment.

Plugin price: $ 25 per month


Discounts In Shop plugin you can create discounts for any selling products.

Discount creation form fields:

Field title



Visible for all shop clients

Discount in %

Integer value from 1 to 100

Start date

Discount start date


Discount end date

Clock display step

Visible discount period. For example, your discount is active for 30 days. But you want users to feel like it's only active for 6 hours. Then specify the number 6. In this case, the discount for the user will be displayed as a timer from 6 to 0. Upon reaching 0, the timer will be set back to 6. This will continue during the entire period of the discount.

Catalog sections: You can create sections with different names and specify in which language they will be displayed to the user.

If no language is selected for the section, the section will be hidden.

Store management:

On main shop page you can:

  • create and edit producs;

  • move products between sections;

  • create and apply discounts to products.

Press "Create Item" button, to create new product.

Product properties:

Property title

Property description


Product title

Cover [url]

Thumbnail picture of the product (for catalog section page)

Description [html]

Detailed product description. Supports html tags.


Product parent section


Poduct activity status

Sales options

  • Retail sale - sale of goods separately (customer can select an item from the list of items);

  • Wholesale - sale of wholesale sets of goods, without the ability to selectively buy an item from the list, only a whole package of items.

Price [Wholesale]

The price in this field is specified only if there is "Wholesale" sale option selected, this is the price for the entire package of items

Assortiment of products:

  • Assortiment of products – a list of items that are sold in bulk or retail. It is possible to indicate the item ID, quantity, enchant (for items, which can be enchanted), price (if selling at retail) and enable "Single sale" so that the player can choose the quantity to buy.

In the advanced settings window, you can:

  • restrict the possibility of purchasing goods only for MA or for MA and for a character;

  • add or change a discount for a product;

  • specify the start date of sales of the current product;

  • specify the end date of sales.

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