1. Login servers

Login-server connection setup

You can create a connection to the login server in the Projects -> Login Server

1. Click on the "Add server login" button

2. Choose a gaming platform from the available ones

ATTENTION! If the gaming platform you need is not among the available platforms, please report it to the technical support contact information:

3. After choosing a gaming platform, fill in the login server settings:

There will be 3 tabs available for filling: Basic, Database and Ports



To connect to the login server database, fill in the following fields:

Field title



Database type

If your server is written in JAVA, choose MYSQL-JAVA, If your server is written in C ++, choose MSSQL-PTS


Database host

database address IP


Database name

Name of the database on the login-server


Enter login

login for authorization in the database


Enter password

Password for authorization in the database


Specify the IP and port to access the login server. Using user root in mysql or sa in mssql is not safe!

4. Click "SUBMIT"

After filling in all the data and creating a new login, the server will appear in the section "Login servers"

After your login server appears in the server list, you can check the server availability from the MMO system.

To do this, click on the "Check connection" button

A window with status information will open:

If there are no connection errors, the status will be OK for all rows.

If there are some errors, the error text will be shown.

If there are some error messages in the above window and you do not know what to do with them, contact technical support, indicating your MMO account and the name of the login server:

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